Design Date

Have you always been dreaming of the most perfect interior for your home or for a specific room? This is within reach! All you have to do is click on the heart button at the bottom of this page. That way, you request a Design Date with one of the interior designers of our furniture store. A Design Date is a free session in our store in which an interior designer gives you styling advice that suits your taste, functional demands and budget for the full 100%!

I want a design date

What can you expect from a design date?

Don’t blush, but your Design Date will be intimate. Our interior designer will ask you many questions: which materials do you like, what kind of interior styles do you prefer? Do you feel butterflies in your belly when dreaming of a modern style, or does a retro sixties style put a smile on your face?

Our stylist truly wants to get to know you. If you find it difficult to give him your preferences, then you will be guided through our showroom until you see some items that you love.

Once our stylist has gained enough insights, he will start putting together a useful advice.

Does your heart start beating fast already? Ours surely do!

Let’s do this!

3 reasons for a design date


100% free advice

Advice that matches your preferences

Always adjusted to your budget

What do you need to bring to your Design Date?

  • Pictures of the room(s) that you would like to see re-styled. Just click away with your mobile phone!;
  • A budget: how much are you willing to invest? In case you need help estimating your budget, we will help you with it during the Design Date;
  • An immense urge to give your home the interior that truly suits you!

We are ready for you. Are you ready for us?

Yes, I am!


Contact us and we’ll schedule your design date.

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