Who are we?


Meubelen TilT is the furnishing store for young or old and offers some ‘everything’ for everyone, in different styles and any budget, for any space in and around the house
Being again a family business, besides offering lots of furniture in various assortiment, we go for these priorities:

  • Precisely listening to your interests and specific needs
  • Professional advice in relation to the technical characteristics of the furniture itself, assembly, maintenance, transport, etc…
  • Assistance when necessary with your choice to be made… The right choices are crucial for Your satisfaction
  • Adequate services:
  • take-away-price or delivery, if needed combined with Your moving-out and/or moving-in, with or without reassembly of Your furniture.

Thanks to our many years of experience in this business and the right people among us, we’re convinced we can succeed for You! Do have a try!

Many thanks to our loyal clients; why we get a lot of mout-to-mouth publicity. Many times occurs : Once You pop, You can’t stop 🙂


The history of Meubelen TilT goes over different tracks. Our site is built in 1991 by the founders of Meubelen De Keizer, coming from the Keizerstraat in Ternat. Many years, at Meubelen De Keizer have been offered top quality furniture and service by family entourage. In our region “De Keizer” still has a great name.
Later the store was taken over en more later transformed to a discount take-away store. “tilt discount” was bourn in the early 2000’s and had brother-store in Riemst. Yet another decennium later, there was decided to upgrade the collection and showroom to a higher level as well, next to the discount segment.

Since December 2010, we have taken Meubelen TilT under our wings as again a perky family business with ambition, experience and a lot of effort. Today, You are welcomed by the Pessemier family, by now also the fourth generation, which settled in the furnishing sector since 1920. Coming from Galerie Fransman in Laken, we’ve happily taken the occasion to move to Ternat, to be able to offer a larger assortiment, and to be more easily accessible, which wasn’t possible any further in the urban environment in Laken.


Galerie Fransman was located in 46, Fransmanstraat in Laken, Brussels. It is there in the year 1920, our great-grandfather started as carpenter, after he was moved from the countryside. Later it’s evolved to the small furniture store ‘Meubelen Pessemier’ and after the renovations of ’81 into Galerie Fransman. Our family’s succesfully worked for our business and our loyal customers, with lots of joy and hapiness. We sincerely hope to be honoured with your chance to prove You right for giving us Your confidence for furniture. For Years to come !

For Your interior ; we’re eager to make Your dreams come true !